In 2002, the retirement home sector in Saint-Georges, Quebec was saturated. Sainte-Marie, however, only had small senior homes, which did not meet the ageing populations’ needs. The Château Bellevue project was born out of the need to correct this situation, and, over the course of three years, the partners developed what would become, Château Bellevue.

Frédéric Lepage had a sound understanding of the retirement home sector, as his mother owned the Oiseau Bleu de Saint-Georges home. At the age of 30, he also decided to set up shop in this sector and develop an establishment for the comfort and peace of mind of one hundred seniors. He partnered up with entrepreneur, Grégoire Turcotte, in order to achieve his dream: Château Bellevue Sainte-Marie.

Before officially starting their project, the partners extensively researched this type of complex both in Canada and in the US. During the project’s 3 preparatory years, they developed a business plan and designed ambitious plans focussing on the well-being of their future customers. They needed to develop enough units to provide all the services they had planned: Healthy meals, gym, chapel, crafts, hairdressers, various excursions, etc.



One day, the two owners realized that they could also set up their company in Baie-Comeau, as two of the Sainte-Marie complex’s residents were from this Côte-Nord town. After analyzing the market, they decided to develop a complex in Baie-Comeau. In July 2010, Château Bellevue Baie-Comeau opened with 152 units. Given the success of this project and to meet demand, a further 50 units were built in a second phase of development. Over 45 employees work in this establishment.

Following their success in Baie-Comeau, the owners built a third Château Bellevue, this time in Donnacona. In July 2013, the first development phase of 117 units was completed. In August 2015, a further 50 units were completed in a second development phase. Close to 30 employees work out of this establishment to provide high quality services to these new residents.

A fourth Château Bellevue was built in spring 2015, in the Saint-Nicolas neighbourhood of Lévis. The growing market and exceptional site incited the current owners of Château Bellevue to partner with other shareholders to meet retirement housing needs. There are over one hundred units in this complex. Another development phase should follow shortly to meet demand.

A fifth and a sixth were added to Château Bellevue's family: Thetford Mines in 2016, and Pont-Rouge in 2017. Later, the Château Bellevue de Valleyfield will be opened in July 2018, and the Château Bellevue de Val-Bélair, in Quebec City, will welcome its residents in the fall 2018.

Other projets are on their way, like Amqui (2019) and Shawinigan (2019). Both are currently being built. The developers, Mr. Frédéric and Mr. Grégoire, assess the possibility to develop new senior living complexes, in various areas in the province.


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