Château Bellevue Baie-Comeau


The second Château Bellevue complex, located in Baie-Comeau, opened its doors in July 2010. Business partners, Frédéric Lépage and Grégoire Turcotte, both originally from Beauce, came up with the “all inclusive” concept, which aims to reduce residents’ financial concerns. No more added charges for meals, housekeeping, parking, leisure activities, and much more. Everything is included in the rental price.

Following the success of their first senior living residence in Beauce, the two entrepreneurs agreed that a second complex in Baie-Comeau would go down a storm. What’s more, the local population strongly supported them.

Starting with an initial 152 units, 50 more were added in 2012, a further 100 apartments were added in 2016, including 24 care units for non-independent persons, totalling 300 units.

In 2016, the Château Bellevue Baie-Comeau complex was sold so that the Group could continue to develop more senior living complexes. Despite the fact that the new owners have maintained the term "château" in the new name of the residence, the Group is completely dissociated from the latter and no longer manages it.

Château Bellevue de Baie-Comeau – résidence pour aînés

Château Bellevue Baie-Comeau | Senior Living


Château Bellevue Baie-Comeau, background of Groupe Château Bellevue’s second senior living complex.

Château Bellevue – résidence pour aînés

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