Customized care


Château Bellevue senior living complexes understand that having access to basic health services without having to wait or travel is a huge advantage for our residents.

Choosing to live at Château Bellevue means that you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Nursing from registered nursing assistants and carers any time, day or night.
  • Health check-ups: Blood pressure tests, blood sugar tests, medication management, etc.
  • On-site doctors at regular intervals for appointments.
  • Close collaboration between doctors, nursing staff and other CLSC resources to ensure the highest quality health monitoring.
  • Development of tailored care plans in collaboration with you and your family.
  • A pharmacy and access to the pharmacist’s advice.

We also have access to other health professionals, which allows us to establish physical activity programs, healthy menus, to hold information sessions on different health-related topics and other programs to keep you in shape, so you can make the most of château living!

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